14 ideas to do on a cold day with your partner

14 ideas to do on a cold day with your partner

The weather outside is unbearable, and you’re too sensitive to the cold to go out on a date? No worries! Even if it’s snowing, or just being too cold outside, there are amazing things you can do with your boyfriend or girlfriend! We’ll show you some fun, romantic and interesting ways to spend time together on a cold day without complaining about the weather! After all, don’t let some coldness scare you. You’re your partner’s superhero! Let’s begin!

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1. Make a movie night

Well, a movie night is probably a favorite activity for couples on a cold day. And of course, it is, because it is very relaxing and intimate. You just need some cozy blankets, popcorns and favorite movies. Ask your girlfriend to watch her favorite movies, choose a movie theme or simply watch some latest Netflix movies.

2. Build a blanket fort

Winter and cold days are the perfect time to be a kid together! Call over your girlfriend and build a blanket fort together! Gather all the couch cushions you got, throw pillows, blankets, and plushier and hide inside your fortress. Enjoy being hidden with your loved one, and once you’re finished with being cozy and lazy, start a pillow fight!

3. Play in a snow

Playing in the snow with your girlfriend is among the funniest things to do on a cold day. You can have a snowball fight, push each other in snow or build a snowman together. That’s a great way to be a kid again, share some stories and laugh. And when you feel like you’re freezing, visit a local pub to warm up with a hot chocolate.

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4. Go on an ice-skating date

Ice-skating while holding hands is simply one of the most romantic things to do on a cold day with your girlfriend. Bring your girlfriend on a local rink and enjoy ice-skating, holding hands, hugging and drinking hot beverages. Consider going on this date in the evenings, and it will be more romantic.

5. Try Indoor rock climbing

Cold days are not the best to enjoy outdoor activities unless you’re an ice-skating and snowboarding fan. Ask your girlfriend if she’d like to try indoor rock climbing. Not just being a fantastic experience, adrenaline can make help make couples feel bonded. Hurry up and jump-start your relationship by sharing a unique physical challenge!

6. Make a grown-up hot chocolate

Drinking hot chocolate is many people’s favorite ways to warm up during cold winter days. But instead of drinking an ordinary hot chocolate, make grown-up chocolate with your girlfriend. Trust us, a mug of hot chocolate with bourbon is much better. You can also add some Irish liquor, chocolate chips, marshmallows or whatever your girlfriend likes.

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7. Feel the spring at a Botanical Garden

If you miss romantic walks with your girlfriend during summer or spring evenings, consider going on a date at a Botanical Garden! Many botanical gardens include flowers that only flourish in winter. So, you can spend some time together and enjoy green spaces, smelling flowers and feeling the spring. Also, many gardens are open at night, offering bar carts and snacks like popcorn and churros, perfect for sharing.

8. Have a romantic dinner

You don’t have to walk outside and freeze all the way to a restaurant to have a romantic date. Why not have a romantic dinner at your home? A candlelit dinner in a romantic setting would be a nice way to save money, too! You and your couple can enjoy a more private atmosphere, drinking wine by the fireplace or eat your favorite pasta with the candlelight. What can be better than a cozy romantic dinner?

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9. Make a pizza … naked

This one is great…if you’re home alone. Cooking something with your girlfriend is always fun, but why not making it sexy? Since you’re inside where it’s warm, and the oven is on, it’s going to be hotter than usual. Suggest your girlfriend to make a pizza shirtless and in nice lingerie instead of sweaters with Santa and deer motives. End the night eating chocolate-dipped strawberries, and make spice up the whole atmosphere. 

10. Enjoy a seductive spa at home

Many couples like to spend time on swimming pools, on the beach or at spa centers. Since it’s cold outside, and it’s time for winter activities, you may be missing those things. But, you can enjoy much better stuff on cold days. Make a romantic spa night at home for your girlfriend! It’s easy! Just light a few candles, grab your favorite scented oils and give each other massages. When finished, jump in the shower together and get cleaned up, or relax in the bathtub. Play some nice music and have a glass of wine. Pure relaxation and romance.

11. Get excited in the Escape Room 

If you’re a couple that hates ice-skating and winter outdoor activities, then Escape Room is the right choice for you. Escape rooms are a fun and unique way to get some adrenaline and find a way-out side-by-side. You’ll have to solve problems and enigmas together, which is an excellent way to bond. Likewise, Escape Rooms require understanding the other’s nonverbal cues or weaknesses, so that you get to know each other on a body language level.

12. Do yoga together

The main purpose of yoga is to build strength and harmony in both the mind and body. But did you know that yoga can benefit your relationship? Instead of running outside when the temperature is low, do yoga with your girlfriend. Yoga helps you to reduce stress, increase happiness hormone, get emotionally stronger and feel better. It can help you to develop compassion and friendliness. Yoga’s philosophy teaches you to avoid harming other people, to tell the truth, and care for each other. Yoga can also improve your sex life. Yoga improves your flexibility, tones your muscles, and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles - which leads into stronger orgasms. Get lifestyle subscription boxes and surprise your loved one.

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13. Have a game night 

Whether it’s snowing outside, or just unbearable cold, ask your girlfriend to have a game night! Turn on your Xbox, PS4 or PC and play games for 2 players.  And if your girlfriend isn’t a fan of video games, consider playing some board game. But, if you want to take it to the next level, and you’re over 21, make the night even more fun by turning your old board games into fun drinking games.

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14. Bake holiday treats

Christmas is almost here. And cold days before a holiday are perfect for baking delicious treats with your girlfriend. Together, you’ll have fun making a mess in the kitchen, and enjoying the baked goods later cuddling in front of the fire. Moreover, you can wrap up some of the extra goodies and bring them 'round to your friends and family. And don’t forget to take cute Snapchat videos!

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