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Cool and Unique Valentines gift for your loved one

Cool and Unique Valentines gift for your loved one

Valentine's Day is almost here and it’s high time to choose cool and unique gift for your loved one! Get rid of the prejudices and ordinary gifts that are given that day, and surprise your loved one with something unique. In the end, it is not the value of the gift that matters, but the expression of your love and appreciation through it. And if you don’t have much time to find the perfect gift, check our article and you’ll find a thoughtful Valentines gift idea below. Good luck!

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

A stainless-steel bottle sealer with a built-up pressure pump

Opening a bottle of champagne on Valentines can easily go wrong. Improper opening can lead to spills or champagne to broken bottles. And it would really be a shame for a romantic dinner to fail. Therefore, consider a useful gift for your boyfriend. Help him to open the bottle of your favorite drink with a stainless-steel bottle sealer with a built-up pressure pump. With this product, there’ll be no more thinking twice before opening a bottle. You can use its stopper to preserve the bubbles! It can also perfectly seal the bottle and increase the pressure in the bottle so your beverage's bubbles won't go to waste. And it’s so easy to use! No plug with pump! Besides, it doesn’t pop off or leak if you lay the bottle back on its side. This is a great gift idea for a boyfriend, and he can use it on all special occasions, but also on a picnic with friends.

Lightsaber chopsticks for two

If you’re a geek couple, you’re going to love this. Since Chinese and Japanese food became a part of almost every couple’s date, you probably know how to use chopsticks. But instead of regular wooden chopsticks, surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with lightsaber chopsticks! Lightsaber chopsticks with LED glowing light will impress your loved one, but also your guests. Just use the handy button to turn the force on or off! You can choose a blue and light side, or red ones and dark side. These chopsticks are amazing gadgets for all geek couples.

Minted Heart snapshot mix photo art

Couples like to take pictures and share memories, but ordinary photos are a bit boring, right? Instead of ordinary pictures that couples put in photo album, choose Minted Heart snapshot mix photo art! This is truly beautiful and thoughtful gift idea for Valentines. It’s a heart-shaped collage of photos from Minted. They’re available in sizes from 8 by 8 inches to 44 by 44 inches, the print can be framed or unframed and comprises 30. Just pick your favorite photos and delight your special person. You can put it on a wall or on the fridge, since it’s a beautiful décor.

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Intelex microwavable slippers

Does your couple constantly complain about cold feet? If it is like that, Intelex microwavable slippers are going to blow him/her away! These are very special slippers. You can actually put them in a microwave! They are filled with natural grain and dried French lavender and they can hold heat for 20 minutes after they’re microwaved, with giving off a subtle touch of aromatherapy. Something that can be the best gift idea for girlfriends.

Ekho HD Video Drone

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a tech-obsessed person than EKHO HD video drone will be the best gift idea you can pick. Drones are a really popular, but also affordable gadget today. People use them for fun, to play or capture amazing moments from the air. Ekho HD video drone can capture all your memories in 1080p HD. It comes with a controller and smartphone attachment, so you can connect it with your phone. This drone has gravity sensing capabilities and altitude-hold functionality and will provide you with the best photos and videos. You can control it up to 60 miles and it has an extended battery life. If you’re interested, check our Breo box products. 

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Watch fitness tracker

We love watches. It’s simply like that. But if expensive watches are not on your budget, think smart. Our boyfriends or girlfriends like technology, they like gadgets. One of the latest tech trends are watch fit bands. And what’s more, they are affordable and cool at the same time! This watch fitness trackers can track calorie burn throughout the whole day, detect sleep and analyze sleep quality, monitor heart rate, measure the distance, and more. It also has the silent vibration alarm that can wake him up without disturbing you! In addition to being a watch and tracker, your boyfriend can see calls and SMS on it! This is definitely one of the best gift ideas for Valentine's day.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

A cozy bathrobe

Another classy and very useful Valentines gift idea is a cozy bathrobe. Stylish and cozy bathrobes are part of our favorite weekend lazy routine, after swimming time or just enjoying home alone with your partner. It’s something we never want to take off. Find a nice extra-thick soft bathrobe and make a private spa night on Valentines for your special someone.


Ever thought about the phone bath? Well, believe it or not, with a phone soap you can actually bath your phone! You may not know, but your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet! PhoneSoap has enhanced sanitizing experience, killing 99.99%† of bacteria in just 5 minutes! With this amazing gadget, you can get rid of the bacteria, fingerprints, and grime on your phone. It’s built for large phones, too, so you can put your phone easily and clean it with just a click of a button. We’re sure that this gadget will delight both girlfriends/boyfriends on Valentines.

And if you’re hyped about this product, you can find it in our spring subscription box!

A tea tree beard oil 

Men with beards are charming. But only if their beard smells and looks great. If your special someone has a beard than a tea tree beard oil is the best gift for boyfriend. A tea tree beard oil softens the beard to reduce beard itch. First, it is very light, cooling and smells great, and it’s not heavy like other oils. Second, it goes smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. This oil restores natural moisture and promotes healthy beard growth. Your boyfriend will have a fresh and clean face, but also the softest beard ever. 

Shiatsu foot massager machine

What could be a better gift for a loved one for Valentine's Day than the shiatsu foot massager machine? Shiatsu foot massager machine is a perfect gift for people who walk all day at work or wear uncomfortable shoes. Instead of wasting money on spa cards, surprise your special someone with spa enjoyment at home! This 24/7-foot massaging machine offers heat, compression and shiatsu massage in three kneading intensities and pressure levels. Your loved one will be thankful for this gift all year long.

A charming ticket stub memento box

We all love to keep the cinema, sport, or concert tickets as a memory and put them on our pin-board. But a charming ticket stub memento box is a real thing when it comes to collecting memories. If your special person has nowhere to put them, this will be an amazing Valentines gift idea! Couples can store tickets from the events they went to together. Stub memento box can freely stand on a desk or be mounted on wall. It’s a perfect way to cherish and store the most precious memories. And a nice home décor, too!

Subscription box

Still not sure about the perfect Valentines gift? Whether if it’s for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, if you want to find something really unique and exciting, think about subscription box! Breo box will delight your special someone with the best gadgets and unique products and make him/her feel like celebrating their birthday 4 times a year! This amazing box is great choice for Valentines but also other holidays, anniversaries or office gifts. Just imagine your special person opening a subscription box full of surprises and tech-savvy gadgets! A totally unusual and exciting experience! And if you’re interested in this, hurry and sign up to get our spring subscription box!

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