Cool things to do with a drone

Cool things to do with a drone

Thanks to the advancement of technology, drones have become one of the most popular modern aircraft gadgets that basically everyone can use. Today, drones are really affordable, so you probably know someone who owns one. The coolest thing about drones is that you don’t have to be a professional drone flyer to use it and have fun! And, using drones doesn’t mean just taking areal pictures and filming beautiful scenery. Although in the future, drones will deliver us a pizza or small package, we’ll show you cool things to do with a drone right now. Get ready to take using a drone to a whole new level!  

Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

Use a drone with an action camera to capture the best moments

Whether you’re cycling through the mountains or go surfing, an action camera is the best gadget for capturing sporting action from different angles. But instead of using it on the ground, with a drone, you can make videos from the air! Lots of drones have an action camera as a feature, so you can capture extreme sports, surfing, kayaking or snowboarding. Action camera was included in our subscription box, and if your drone doesn’t have one, you can buy it and make your personalized drone!

Take drone selfies

Just remember all those perfect Instagram photos captured from a great height and from different angles. With a drone’s high-resolution camera, you can make amazing photos. You don’t have to hold a long selfie stick or ask someone to find the angle you want for taking a picture. Use a drone and you’ll get the ideal angle easy and move your camera anywhere. No matter the place and occasion, you’ll have the best selfies. A drone is definitely the best gift idea for special occasions and capturing cool events with family and friends.

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Track the weather

Another cool thing you can do with a drone is to track the weather. Although we can easily check the weather forecast on the Internet, it’s not always accurate. Besides, you know that gathering data about tornados and hurricanes is far from easy. Instead of sending reporters and putting their lives at risk, you can send drones into storms. But the drones used for this thing, need to be more robust than regular models, with a flight range of 11,000 miles (17,700 km) and a 116-foot (35-meter) wingspan. Using a drone like this, you can collect information about temperature, pressure, humidity, and location.

Look over your property

Don’t waste money on buying fancy video cameras for every corner of your house and garden. Use your drone to look over your property! Fly your drone above your house and see if there is anything suspicious. Besides, with a drone, you can check the condition of your home. You can check if your roof is okay, or take a 360-degree video for insurance. Get the best drone within our winter subscription box!

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You can connect it with your phone, download the app and you'll be sky high, seeing the world from above in 1080p in no time.  And with an extra battery, you're always ready to continue the fun. It also Features easy/advanced flying modes and real-time WiFi video transmission to see exactly where you're going. This drone includes spare parts for those times you take a tumble. You can record clear and fluent video, as 5.8G high-frequency transmission allows you to see FPV (first-person viewing) live video on Equipped LCD Screen, capturing every wonderful moment. Another cool thing is that it’s compatible with VR headsets which can provide a more exhilarating experience and a taste of drone racing during flight. With an optimized 720p FPV camera: The 120° FOV (field of view) you can capture high-quality video and photos - ideals for selfie. A 120° viewfinder gives a panoramic view for recording unforgettable moments.

Join a drone race

People just adore racing. There are many types of racing; car racing, rally, Formula One, marathon, racing in heels and even a snail race. If you enjoy racing and competing, consider joining a drone race! Did you know that drone racing leagues have sprung up across the U.S., with the Drone Racing League as the major professional outfit? You can compete in the fastest drone race or the fastest overcoming obstacles with a drone.

Photo by Christian Langenhan on Unsplash

Start a drone business

Drones represent a cool asset to start a business. They can be used in businesses like aerial surveying, crop management, commercial aerial videography, and small package delivery. Instead of just playing with your drone around, you can earn some money! But, before you start, you'll need to get a remote pilot airman certificate (the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has a checklist on how to get that). You can easily develop innovative ways to do business, with a drone.

Have fun with drone games

We mentioned drone racing as one of the cool things to do with a drone. But you can also enjoy some fun drone games. People use drones for parties, for example, some of them rigged a drone to bomb (with Cheetos or cheese puffs) people at a party. The idea was to catch the Cheetos in your mouth. Tape a laser pointer to your drone and tease your cat. Let your kids chase the drone, or use your drone for flashing lights at the party. Be creative and have fun! Consider drone as a unique gift idea for your friend and stand out from the crowd

Comfort hospital patient

Drones can help you to comfort you a dear person who has been in the hospital for a while. If the person hasn’t been able to go out in nature for weeks and months, you can use a drone to comfort them. Ask the person about his/her favorite place and go there with your drone. Use a drone’s camera to record video footage for that person. That will delight the hospital patient.  

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