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Gift ideas for the person who wants nothing

Gift ideas for the person who wants nothing

Some people are easy to shop for. But what about the person who doesn’t want anything? Even if you have an idea, you know they won’t be satisfied and happy with it. Now what? Is everything lost? No.

Although we can’t precisely tell you what to buy, we can claim that getting a personalized or unique gift for the person who wants nothing is the ultimate way to show you went the extra mile and got him/her something he/she will love. You just need to think about what that person likes, wants for years or dreams of.

And if you’re short on ideas, check our list of unique gifts below and you’ll come up with the best gift ideas even if you don’t choose some of our recommendations.

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Handmade items

When it comes to buying gifts for the person who wants nothing, it’s highly important to know that person and his/her preferences. Usually, the people who have everything, can’t be surprised or satisfied with anything physical, even luxury items. This is the situation where creativity and uniqueness win. Therefore, you need to buy something personalized or handmade.

A gift like these will show the recipient how much you know him/her. You can buy them a personalized whiskey bottle, crochet accessories and scarves with their initials, build a frame for the photo of you two together, etc. It’ll be amazing to brew a personalized case of beer or a batch of handmade soap for your friend. Such unique products will be gifts to keep and appreciate forever.


Looking for some unique gift ideas for the person who wants nothing? Check this idea. Cozyphones are tiny, removable headphones placed into a washable headband! This means you can wear headphones to sleep or use it on a cold day outside. CozyPhones sleep earphones are the perfect aid for insomnia or to calm your racing mind while listening to your favorite music.

Their cool mesh lining keeps you cool at night and helps your CozyPhones stay in place while you move or turn in bed. It’s compatible with myriad devices like iPhones, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, and many more. This is a perfect gift for friends and family members who don’t want anything, and you don’t have an idea what to give to them.

Subscription boxes

We are 100% sure this gift idea will work because there is no way the person could have every subscription box. There are so many boxes that appeal to every different type of person, so this is an excellent gift for the person who wants nothing. Whether if it’s for a girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or a friend, if you want to find something really unique and exciting, think about the subscription box!

Breo box will delight your special someone with the best gadgets and unique products and make him/her feel like celebrating their birthday 4 times a year! This amazing box is a great choice for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or office gifts. Just imagine your special person opening a subscription box full of surprises and tech-savvy gadgets! A totally unusual and exciting experience! And if you’re interested in this, hurry and sign up to get our spring subscription box!

Ultimate spa experience

Wonder what to give to your wife who wants nothing, because she already has everything? If so, consider giving her an ultimate spa experience. This could be the best gift for a wife. The spa experience isn’t like physical gifts, but it means having a good time and company while being treated like a queen.

Besides, a study from the University of Toronto has shown that giving your loved one experience as a gift instead of a thing forges stronger bonds between people. It’s because of the excitement of a rock concert or the calmness of a spa—and is more intensely emotional than a material possession. And your special person will enjoy premium treatments such as swimming, massages, electrolysis; spa manicures and pedicures; body treatments like exfoliation, wraps and packs, aromatherapy, and others.


Did you know that your phone is 18 times dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet!? Researchers have found that 92% of phones have bacteria on them, and a smartphone has around 25,000 germs on it per square inch.

Many people don't even know that such a cool gadget exists, and even the person who wants nothing would be delighted with a gift like this. Cleaning your phone with a dry microfiber cloth can wipe the dirt and germs off the phone screen, but it won’t actually remove the bacteria. PhoneSoap won’t only disinfect your phone, but also other gadgets that cannot be washed with water and soap.

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This gadget with an interesting name is the first and only device to feature vacuum-plated aluminum inner shell, adding additional reflectivity for disinfecting phones and other devices such as phone cases, earbuds, and others. PhoneSoap has enhanced sanitizing experience, killing 99.99% of bacteria in just 5 minutes! With this amazing gadget, you can get rid of the bacteria, fingerprints, and grime on your phone. It’s built for large phones, too, so you can put your phone easily and clean it with just a click of a button.

Besides, PhoneSoap can charge and clean your phone while you’re sleeping, and you’ll still be able to hear your alarm in the morning. This amazing gadget but also more unique products can be yours if you hurry up and take our spring subscription box! 

An experience

For the person who has everything and wants nothing, any material gift will not represent satisfaction. In this case, don't lose your head and spend hours thinking about what he/she might need. This is the moment when you need to think of something unique and unforgettable. Consider giving the person an experience to remember or an adventure he/she always wanted. That’s more valuable than any physical item.

Experience brings unforgettable moments and helps a person to gain new skills. For example, you can consider some of the following experiences: cooking class, foreign language class, whitewater rafting, wine tasting tour, hot air balloon ride, trip to some of her favorite destinations, tickets to a museum, etc. Perhaps that person has always wanted to go skydiving or attending Chinese language classes! You can also give him/her the tickets to their favorite musical, or for their favorite band’s concert. It’s up to you to find out.

A travel-friendly humidifier stick

Traveling to tropical landscapes or some environment with really dry air can ruin the holiday for some people who have allergies or asthma. If the person who wants nothing suffers from these issues, think about getting a travel-friendly humidifier stick. It increases air moisture for easier breathing. With this gadget, the person will be safe while traveling somewhere where the air is dry and stale. Just fill this portable humidifier with water, plug it into a USB power source, give it three minutes, and turn it on. In seconds, you'll be able to breathe in humidified air and find relief from allergies.

This gift is great for traveling, but also for single rooms, travel hotel rooms, planes and children's rooms, the office, your car, etc. Using a humidifier every day can help battle dry air which causes dry skin, nose bleeds, and itchy eyes. Well, who wouldn’t want to have this product?

Bourbon infused coffee

Maybe the person wants nothing, but she/he can't resist trying Bourbon infused coffee. Bourbon infused coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans infused in small batches with just a touch of Kentucky's signature spirit. The beans will fill your room with an irresistible aroma, and you’ll be able to enjoy really unique bourbon flavor. And an important thing to mention – this coffee contains no alcohol and no allergens. Just pure joy.

Dividend stocks or other investments

Something unique you wouldn't think of but could be a good gift for a person who wants nothing, are dividend stocks or some other investments. You can buy a steady dividend stock such as Disney (DIS), McDonald’s (MCD), or even Apple (AAPL). In addition to any appreciation in the stock price, your recipient will get a 2% to 4% cash payout each year, paid each quarter. It may not be so exciting at the moment, but in the long run, it can pay off. And if it’s about children, you can contribute to their 529 college savings plan.


If the person says he/she does not want any gift, that mostly relates to some material gift. Think about that person's needs and feelings. Perhaps the best gift you can give him/her is YOU and YOUR TIME. Sometimes, the gift people want most of all is more time with you. Remember the phrase - the time is the best gift you can give someone. This especially applies to your family members, close friends or partners.

And how can you give them “yourself” gift? Visit your grandparents on their birthday instead of just calling them on the phone. Offer to help a family member with a project around the house, like yard work or building a simple table or bookcase. You can treat your mom to coffee or a pedicure, or go fishing with your father. It’s easy, just keep your focus on them and your time together and that would be the best gift for people who don’t want anything material.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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