These hacks will help you keep your food fresh longer

These hacks will help you keep your food fresh longer

Food waste is growing incredibly fast these days. Just remember how many times you threw food in the bin because you didn't get to eat them? Money magazine research has shown that the average household throws away about 14% of the food they buy. For one family, this represents over $1,300 worth of the food per year! You can spend that money on a family vacation, new clothes or home renovation. It’s simple – save food and save money! And we’ll gladly show you interesting hacks to keep your food fresh longer!

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1. Let’s start with the most common problem – keeping bananas fresh.

Everybody hates how fast bananas can lose their freshness. You buy them in the morning, and in the evening, they are already brownish. Why bananas are browning? The stems of bananas release ethylene gas which is a part of the ripening process. You can slow this process by wrapping the stems in plastic wrap or avoid separating bananas before eating.

2. Freeze eggs in an ice tray

If you want to keep eggs fresh longer, and not use them all in just a few days, don’t worry. You can freeze eggs, too! Just break eggs and pour their contents into an ice tray. To preserve their texture, add a little salt or sugar. Freeze them and use whenever you want. If you’re looking for health food and fitness gift ideas, check our blog.

3. Don’t refrigerate tomatoes and keep them fresh

Storing fresh tomatoes in the fridge is the most common mistake people make. That will just do the opposite, kill their flavor and their juicy texture won’t stay like that in the cold. To keep them fresh put them on a counter.

4. Keep lettuce leaves fresh with a paper towel

To keep lettuce leaves fresh longer, wrap them in paper towels and they will remain fresh for a week. This is because the excess moisture will soak into the towel and leaves won’t wither.

5. Let berries stay fresh using vinegar

Let’s see the secret to keep berries fresh! According to Momables, white vinegar can help you to keep berries fresh longer. Just rinse berries in a solution made from 1 cup of white vinegar and 8 cups of water. That will kill gross bacteria on berries. When you finish, drain and rinse berries and store them in an aerated container lined with paper towels. Just to mention – this is suitable for all, but not for raspberries.

6. Keep mushrooms in a paper bag to stay fresh

Mushrooms can lose their freshness very fast. Paper bags can keep mushrooms much efficient than plastic bags. Because the paper bag absorbs excess moisture from the mushrooms, they don't get soggy or moldy. Just make sure you rinse them before use.

7. Use sand to keep carrots fresh

Did you know that the sand can help you to keep carrots fresh longer? Gardeners say that sand decreases water evaporation and slows down rotting.

Additional hack:

Keep food fresh longer using airlock bag sealer

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8. Keep citrus away from the fridge and they’ll stay fresh longer

People tend to store citrus fruit in the fridge for some reason, but that’s wrong. If you want them to stay fresh longer, keep limes, oranges and lemons on the counter instead of in the fridge. The coldness can just dry them out. You can follow this hack with bananas and melons, too. And if you’re interested in healthy products to find the best fitness subscription box!

9. Don’t wrap cheese in tin foil and it will stay fresh

Tinfoil is a great product, but not for cheese. Instead of wrapping in tin foil, store cheese in a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper depending on the cheese type.

10. Make onions fresh longer with a glass of water

Sounds weird but if you put onions into a glass of water they will stay fresh longer. Also, shear the onions where you need and they will keep growing.

11. Keep honey fresh longer by storing it in a glass jar

Although honey can be used for years, it’s important to know how to store it. The best way to keep honey from oxidizing is to put it in a dark glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. If you put honey into something made of metal, chipped enamel or zinc-covered, it will oxidize.

12. Don’t store coffee in the freezer

Well, you might have heard that ground coffee is the best stored in the freezer, but keeping coffee in the fridge or freezer can create a lot of moisture and cause beans to go bad faster. Instead, keep coffee in an airtight container to stay fresh longer.

Photo: Roman Davayposmotrim on Unsplash

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