Winter gift idea that keep you warm during winter

Winter gift idea that keep you warm during winter

Are you one of those who are always cold? No matter the season, whatever you try, your feet are cold, you’re covering with a double blanket, sleep with socks, and freezing in the morning... yes, we know the struggle. And it’s getting worse since winter is almost here and temperatures are dropping.

This means you need to hurry and get the best gadgets for warming up! Besides, unique products and gadgets for warming up can be a perfect gift for winter holidays, whether you or your special one is a winter lover or perpetually cold person. We all have family members, friends or colleagues who are always cold. As winter holidays are approaching, we’ll show you the best winter gift ideas that will keep you warm during winter. 

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Heated mouse pad

During cold days, working for hours on your laptop or computer can make your hands freezing and shaking. But, there is a solution to keep your hands warm while typing! Heated mouse pad is among the best tech gift ideas for warming up during winter months. Just connect this cozy USB pad to a USB port on a PC or laptop. Put your hand into its fluffy pocket and keep it warm.

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Not sox

Ever tried to put your slippers on radiators to warm them up? With these Not sox slippers you can have the warmest feet ever! They are great for warming cold feet and reducing foot pain. These slippers can be put in a microwave for a minute to warm up, and they’re ready to warm you! Not sox can be the best gift for wife which complaints of cold feet during the winter.

Tech gloves

One of the things people hate the most during winter is when their phone rings, and they have to take off their gloves to answer the call. Tech gloves feature full palm conductivity, so you can surf the web, check Instagram news and make calls easily when it’s cold outside. This product can be a perfect gift idea for bloggers or any businessman/woman.

Photo by nic on Unsplash
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Rechargeable foot warmers

Foot warmers are not just a fashion. Even if they’re popular winter accessorize, foot warmers are must-have while skiing, sledding, ice skating or climbing during winter. Rechargeable foot warmers have a built-in thermostat and use the latest in wireless thermal technology to keep your toes warm. They are rechargeable and you can control the temperature remotely. Consider getting them while researching the best tech gifts for winter lovers.

Ember mug

Drinking hot coffee, chocolate and tea is our favorite way to warm up during winter months. But the problem is, our beverage can’t stay hot for long in the cold. If you’re struggling with this issue, we’ll show you something unique and must-have for this winter. Ember is a ceramic mug that keeps your beverage at your desired temperature, for a considerable length of time. You can use it at home, or your office.

This is why Ember mugs can be among the best corporate gifts. Your employees will be delighted. The difference between the Ember ceramic mug and a regular ceramic mug is that anything can keep something „hot” or „cold“, but just the Ember mug can keep something at your ideal temperature. This mug has temperature sensors and a double-band heating system that guarantees to keep your beverage at the temperature you want.

What’s more amazing about the Ember mug? It can be connected to your phone through the Ember application, so you’ll be able to set your temperature with a few clicks! There are more cool features of Ember mug.

For example, you can remotely adjust to an ideal temperature, name your mug or give it an LED color, choose and save you presets for favorite drinks, and others. Ember mugs are the best gift for a husband who likes having hot tea before work.

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Pajamas warming pouch

Remember how terrible the feeling is when you are wearing the cold pajamas you just took out of your closet? Get pajamas warming pouch and forget about that! This warming pouch has integrated heating elements and thermal satin interior, so it can warm up your nightwear to a toasty 118º F in just 10 minutes! But you can also use it for heating socks, slippers, gloves, towels and others.

Nordic faux sheepskin rug

Each winter, social media platforms are full of photos with cozy rooms, featuring faux sheepskin rugs. Fake sheepskin rugs are popular interior decoration, but they can actually heat you! You can place them over your favorite sofa or under your desk to warm up your feet.  Faux sheepskin is the best gift for a fashion-obsessed friend. For more fancy products, check our lifestyle subscription boxes.

The Siamese Slanket

The Siamese Slanket is a perfect gift for warming up, but it can also be among the best anniversary gifts for couples. The Slanket is a blanket but made for two! A couple can cover themselves easily and enjoy cozy material while watching a movie.

Watch heater/cooler

Did you know that a watch heater/cooler exists?! This cool winter gadget is designed and developed by a team of scientists from MIT. It resembles a watch, but functions as a personal thermostat, helping you feel colder or warmer at the press of a button. The device uses a small battery and delivers rhythmic waves of heating or cooling. It feels like warming your hands around a fireplace when you’re cold or rubbing an ice cube on your skin during a hot summer day. Amazing!

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